First Capitol Animal Hospital

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white_dog.jpgI have been with this vet for over seven years and would never consider going to another vet. Dr King loves your pet as much as you do and cares for them with the utmost care and devotion you would expect from a vet.

A couple years ago I suffered from the loss of my beloved dog I had almost 5 years and had been with Dr King since I had picked her up from the breeder. During the trying time that I went through he was very considerate and caring towards my needs and the needs of my pet.

They cared for her as if she was their own even after death. My older dog was cared for by the whole staff and they felt the loss as well as I did. When I got a new puppy a little over 3 years ago she got bite on her head and went into shock with a split skull and Dr King and staff gave her as much love and attention as possible and against all odds she survived and since the ordeal she gets just as excited to see the vet as they do to see her.

I recommend Dr King and staff to anyone who loves and cares for their pet no matter what breed of dog or cat or even what type of animal they have, they will always be treated with love at First Capitol Animal Hospital in Saint Charles.
– Anonymous

Everyone is so friendly at First Capitol Animal Hospital, and service is always prompt.
- Kristel N.

Chester was not eating or going to the litter box for 24 hours. We brought him in to Dr. King, and he was diagnosed with bladder obstruction, and was hospitalized for five days. The first day I wasn't sure if he would survive. Chester is a tough little kitty and is doing well at home, and we hope he continues to recover.
- Mrs. A.

Ed King has been our vet for 20 plus years. He has always been right on with his diagnoses. We recommend him to all who have pets! He is wonderful with animals and we love him.
– Anonymous

Our three dogs (Bear, Honey and Sadie) were rescued from the BSPCA in Bahrain in the Middle East where we were assigned for 5 years. Upon our return to the states, we first resided in St. Charles and a relative recommended Dr. King. All three of our dogs have special health issues, including our eldest who is now almost 18 years old (Honey). After the first year we moved to rural Festus and still travel one hour and 15 minutes - each way - to have our pets cared for by Dr. King and staff.

Dr. King is the best vet we have ever encountered in all our years of owning animals. He is extremely knowledgeable about every facet of animal care/diseases and has a lovely way of making our dogs feel comfortable with him. Of the staff, Kathy has been with him the longest, and is always pleasant and accommodating in every way. We also board our dogs with them when we vacation, and the entire staff treats them as if they were their own !! We could not ask for a better staff or place to care for our animals than First Capitol Animal Hospital. Special thanks to Dr. King and the entire staff.
- Peg & John A.

Dr. King is hands down the best vet ever.
- Harry L.

I have been bringing my cat Khaki to Dr. King for 16 years. Dr. King had seen him through some rough spots, including a broken leg. I would not take Khaki to anyone else ever.
- Terry M.

First Capitol Animal Hospital is a great place to get top notch care. Dr. King is a fantastic vet. He has given my 3 dogs great care. He is very thorough.
- Tammy W.

Dr. King & Staff have helped us through illness, injury, even pet selection for more years and animals than we can count! We couldn't ask for better care.
- The D. Family

We couldn't dream of taking our family members anywhere else. Dr. King and his staff are loving and knowledgeable.
- The R. Family & Zoey, Harlie, and Kaia

We have been using First Capital Animal Hospital for 16+ years. Dr. King is very good with our pets. They get the best care, and treatment here, and I would recommend this animal hospital to everyone.
- Mary from St. Charles

We love Dr. King and ALL the staff. We couldn't ask for a better doctor.
- Mary, Tallulah, Tootsie & Cats

Thank you Dr. King for showing as much tender loving care with nervous owners as you do with my pets.
-Mrs. R.

To Dr. King and his Staff, Thanks for the Tender Loving Care you have given us all our lives! You are the only people our Mama and Papa trusts to care for us.
- Booger, Buster, and Jodi S.

Kathy is absolutely awesome! She is always so friendly and kind with all our babies. Lil girl, our newest, had surgery this week and Kathy was so great about keeping us updated and encouraging us to call whenever we wanted. She is just one more of the amazing reasons we will stay with Dr. King and refer everyone we know here.
Love, Scott and Ryan B. with Dottie, Bosco, Lil Girl, and Gussy.

Bailey a ten year old Beagle had a large mass on his spleen discovered by Dr. King. After examination, x-rays, and tests he completed a very successful surgery. He is barking and happy, just like always. He is a champion like Dr. King says. Without the great staff here, it might have been different. We are so lucky and blessed. We will have many more happy years with our boy!!!!!
- Charles and Linda B.

Our pets have brought so much joy to our home. I never knew how wonderful they are to our family. Dr. King, genuinely cares for our pets.
- Leatha A.

Our dalmation Blaze was in a fight with another dog and was very seriously injured. Dr. King saved her life and her leg with surgery. She was here for three days and many visits afterward. Thanks Dr. King!
- Mike T. and Sean K.

My new mom and dad brought me here when I was only four weeks old. Dr. King and his staff has taken VERY good care of me. They make sure I am healthy and when I had surgery recently they made me feel as loved and as comfortable as I do at home. Thank you for all your love and care!
- Socks G.

Dr. King went out of his way to help with our cat, Phantom. Even though Phantom is elderly, Dr. King understood we wanted to try. Phantom made it through two oral surgeeries, and is as feisty as ever.
- Mrs. M.